Welcome to MAP Resources!

We're thrilled that you've come to us for help finding support or information. Searching for help as a MAP (or friend, family member, or ally) can be scary and dangerous, and we know it's hard to find trustworthy sources. This page exists to address some common concerns and explain the steps we take to protect our users. We hope it helps you feel more comfortable!

- The MAP Resources Team


You will never find any illegal content* or pornographic images on this website and we will not knowingly link to webpages that contain these. We may discuss topics related to pedophilia and child sexual abuse, but these discussions will never contain explicit wording.

*Based on US laws at the time of writing.


All of the support resources on our list are evaluated using our Content Guidelines. These guidelines are based on the latest research about effective support for minor-attracted people and are designed to prohibit resources that contain or allow illegal or harmful content.


Adding new resources to our list is not something we take lightly. We work with the community to ensure these resources meet the support needs of real MAPs. Resources that could have negative impacts on MAPs' mental heath are excluded or listed with a warning


Every piece of information on our website is based on the latest research and we provide links to the original source wherever possible. Our Research page lists resources for those who want to learn more, and our Facts page provides citations for common claims.


Our Privacy Policy explains how we protect any data collected when you use this website and provides instructions on opting out where possible. If you are concerned about your digital footprint, our Privacy and Security Guide has tips on keeping yourself safe.