MAP Resources compiles information and resources to help minor-attracted people connect with others, understand their attractions, and live happy and fulfilling lives. We also develop educational materials and summarize research to help the public gain insight into this population and provide aspiring allies with the tools to support MAPs.


Providing resources and support for those struggling with their attractions and advancing the wellbeing of MAPs through education.


In January 2021, a MAP activist set out to address the lack of any comprehensive list of resources for MAPs in need of support. They initially created a Twitter account that maintained such a list for several weeks, until it was wrongly suspended.

Determined to continue helping people, our founder moved the list to a website, launching MAP Resources as you know it on February 1st, 2021. Since then, we've expanded our listings and started providing educational resources, such as our blog.

Our Work

In addition to compiling (and sometimes creating) the information and resources on this website, we pursue several other projects to advance our mission. These include a series of infographics we are designing to make accurate information more accessible, as well as our Safe Therapy Project - an initiative aimed at making professional support safer and more accessible for MAPs.

We also work with experts to improve the availability and effectiveness of resources listed on our website. We have successfully requested the removal of misleading information from promotional materials for several resources and continuously collaborate with resource providers to ensure information about support services is up-to-date.


Support for all: Our publicly available list of resources ensures MAPs of all backgrounds are able to find support if they need it.

Mental health matters: We evaluate all resources using our Content Guidelines to avoid listing any that could harm MAPs.

Freedom to choose: Support should be a choice, and we share accurate information to help MAPs make an informed one.


Our Feedback Form is the only accepted method of contact for communications that do not require a response.

We have dedicated contact methods for researchers, journalists, and mental healthcare providers. Include proof of credentials.

If you are a representative of a group providing a resource and would like to request that it be removed, you can do so here.

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