Providing resources and support for those struggling with their attractions and advancing the wellbeing of MAPs through education.


We were founded in January 2021 by a MAP activist who discovered there was no comprehensive list of resources for MAPs in need of support. Our first project consisted of a Twitter account that posted and maintained a list of resources for several weeks, until it was wrongly suspended. Undeterred, we returned with our second, and now flagship project, launching the MAP Resources website on February 1st, 2021. Since then, we've actively maintained the site, sometimes launching several updates per week, while pursuing other projects aimed at supporting MAPs and educating the public.

Our Work

In addition to compiling the information and resources you can find on this website, we have pursued a number of other projects in line with our mission. These include a series of infographics we are designing to help MAP activists and allies more easily share useful information with a larger audience. Join our Telegram channel for updates on our work.


Support for all: We maintain a public list of resources to ensure MAPs of all backgrounds can find support if they need it.

Mental health matters: We evaluate resources using our Content Guidelines and avoid listing any that could harm MAPs.

Privacy first: We are transparent about our handling of user data and share tips and resources to help MAPs stay safe online.


Our Feedback Form is the only accepted method of contact for communications that do not require a response.

We have dedicated contact methods for researchers, journalists, and mental health providers. Include proof of credentials.

For encrypted communication, email MAPresources@protonmail.com from a Proton Mail account or using our PGP key.