Providing resources and support for those struggling with their attractions and advancing the wellbeing of MAPs through education.


In January 2021, a MAP activist set out to address the lack of any comprehensive list of resources for MAPs in need of support. They initially created a Twitter account that maintained such a list for several weeks, until it was wrongly suspended.

Determined to continue helping people, our founder moved the list to a website, launching MAP Resources as you know it on February 1st, 2021. Since then, we've grown into a one-stop shop for factual information about and mental health resources for minor-attracted people.

Our Work

In addition to compiling (and sometimes creating) the information and resources you can find on this website, we pursue a number of other projects to advance our mission. These include a series of infographics we are designing to help MAP activists and allies more easily share useful information with a larger audience.

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Support for all: Our publicly-available list of resources ensures MAPs of all backgrounds are able to find support if they need it.

Mental health matters: We evaluate all resources under our Content Guidelines to avoid listing any that could harm MAPs.

Freedom to choose: Support should be a choice, and we share accurate information to help MAPs make an informed one.


Our Feedback Form is the only accepted method of contact for communications that do not require a response.

We have dedicated contact methods for researchers, journalists, and mental healthcare providers. Include proof of credentials.

If you are a representative of a group providing a resource and would like to request it be delisted, you can do so here.

For encrypted communication, email MAPresources@protonmail.com from a Proton Mail account or using our PGP key.


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