Support MAP Resources so we can better support MAPs

Our Monero address is 86T4Aj9WYRACG1BWwjmz3gc7kxNpo789v4ynNBZ7XDSUK8toX5vfN4oP8M5VYpRfL6LTiC9FCvQTL9z8wLmjdn9gEDPbMQh


Is my donation tax-deductible?

Unfortunately, donations to MAP Resources are not tax-deductible at this time. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to an organization dedicated to supporting MAPs, we recommend B4U-ACT or ASAP International.

Does MAP Resources rely on donations?

Our main website ( costs only $1 per month to operate and will never be taken down due to a lack of funding. However, in the future, we may rely on donations to maintain more expensive projects, and these may be temporarily or permanently discontinued if money becomes an issue. We may also use leftover money to reach a larger audience, so a lack of donations may reduce our ability to reach MAPs who need support.

How does MAP Resources use donations?

After covering our operating expenses (such as website hosting, domain registration, etc.), donations will be split between a variety of projects and causes, all centered around expanding and improving access to support for MAPs. We may also use donations to cover costs for future projects we are working on and to expand our reach through social media advertisements. Funds that are not spent will be saved for later use or donated to other groups centered around supporting MAPs.

How can I purchase Monero?

To protect the privacy and anonymity of our donors, we currently only accept donations in Monero, which is a privacy-focused cryptocurrency. If you do not currently own any Monero, you can purchase some through an exchange, such as LocalMonero or Kraken. If you are purchasing Monero directly from a seller (such as on LocalMonero), we recommend having it deposited into your own wallet before you donate it to MAP Resources.



When you donate Monero to MAP Resources, we record your Monero wallet address and the amount donated. Due to the way Monero's blockchain functions, this information may also be permanently made publicly available. MAP Resources will handle our copy of this data as described in our Privacy Policy.