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Visit this website, log in or create an account, and select a plan. Donations will repeat every month by default, however, you can cancel at any time, or right away for one-time donations.

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Mastercard eGift Card

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We also accept Monero, a private and secure cryptocurrency. You can purchase Monero on LocalMonero or Kraken, then send it to the wallet that appears when you click this text.


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We're paying it forward

Supporting Survivors of Abuse

We recognize that many MAPs are abuse survivors and struggle with mental health issues as a result. 5% of all donations we receive will be passed on to an organization that provides a safe space for survivors.

Improving Support for MAPs

Many groups that provide the resources we list rely on donations to continue offering their services. 10% of all donations received will be given to an organization that provides at least one of the resources on our list.

MAP Resources is proud to be one of several MAP organizations engaged in charitable giving. Others include:


Is my donation tax-deductible?

Donations to MAP Resources are not tax-deductible at this time. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to an organization that supports MAPs, we recommend B4U-ACT or ASAP International.

How does MAP Resources use donations?

After covering our operating expenses (website hosting, domain registration, third-party services, etc.), donations may be used to fund future projects we are working on and to expand our reach through outreach initiatives. Around the end of each calendar year, we will make cumulative donations based on our pledges. Funds that are not spent will be saved for one of these purposes or donated to other groups focused on supporting MAPs.

How are conflicts of interest handled?

In instances where an individual is known to be involved in both MAP Resources' spending decisions and an entity to which we make one or more payments, the funds will be earmarked to ensure none of the money is received by that individual.

Does MAP Resources rely on donations?

Our main website ( costs under $3 per month to operate and will never be taken down due to a lack of funding. However, we may rely on donations to maintain more expensive projects, and these may be temporarily or permanently discontinued if money becomes an issue.



When you donate to MAP Resources on pixivFANBOX, we receive the public data associated with your pixiv account. We do not collect any of your financial information.

Mastercard eGift Card

When you donate to MAP Resources using a Mastercard Gift Card, we receive the name you enter in the "From" field and any optional note you choose to include. We do not collect any of your financial information.


When you use Monero to donate to MAP Resources, we receive your Monero wallet address. Due to the way Monero's blockchain functions, this information may also be permanently made publicly available. We do not collect any identifying information.

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