MAP Resources

You are not alone. Select a category from the list below for support.

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Crisis Resources

If you have concerns about any of the following, help is available.

B4U-ACT logo, the characters B 4 U A C T set against a faded blue background.

Suicidal Thoughts

B4U-ACT has a list of mental health resources for MAPs and advice on staying safe while seeking support for a mental health crisis.

StopItNow logo, a hand outline with a blue heart in the center, set against a black background with a line near its border.

Acting on Attractions

Stop It Now!'s helpline provides support and referrals to resources for MAPs who are concerned about acting on their attractions.

MAP Resources logo, a MAP pride flag in the shape of a scroll with a world map overlaid on it.


MAP Resources compiles tools and advice to help MAPs protect themselves and their sensitive information while seeking support.

MAP Resources icon, a MAP pride flag in the shape of a scroll with a world map overlaid on it.

Illegal Content

MAP Resources maintains a guide on how to report illegal content involving children and find support for related mental health issues.

Targeted Support

Certain groups of minor-attracted people and their supporters may benefit more from resources intended specifically for them. We maintain lists of these resources so that everyone can find support that is helpful for them. Not all of the resources on these lists will be designed for MAPs, but we try to ensure they are all supportive towards MAPs.

Minor MAPs

Minor who are MAPs are particularly vulnerable to mental health issues that can be caused by internalized stigma and a lack of safe access to effective support.

Friends and Family

Friends and family members of MAPs face a variety of challenges, including overcoming misconceptions they may hold about MAPs to support the MAP they know.


A form of obsessive-compulsive disorder in which one experiences intrusive thoughts centered around the possibility of being a pedophile or a child abuser.

MAP Stories

There are estimated to be millions of people living with minor attractions, but in a world that forces many to stay stay silent about their attractions, it can be easy to feel isolated and alone. For many MAPs, support starts with learning about others who had similar experiences. You can find some of their stories, and other relevant information, below.

Support Groups

Support groups can provide a vital community for minor-attracted people who are struggling with feelings of loneliness and isolation. These groups are also a great place to meet, interact with, and learn from other MAPs. They are capable of exceeding most MAPs' support needs and are promoted by mental health experts as an effective form of support.

MAP Support Club logo, a heart with the left half red and the right half blue set against a white circle.

Age Restrictions: Open to ages 13 and up

Setup: Group chat with channels (Rocket.Chat)

Language: English

Open to adult allies

Virtuous Pedophiles logo, a stoplight with the red light turned on and letters to the sides spelling out VIRPED

Age Restrictions: Open to ages 18 and up

Setup: Discussion board with topics (phpBB)

Language: English


While it cannot change attractions, therapy can help many minor-attracted people overcome mental health issues that they experience as a result of their attractions or related self-hate. A small number of MAPs seek therapy due to concern about their risk of committing a sexual offense, however, this is only necessary for a small minority of MAPs.


These tools are designed to help minor-attracted people accept their attractions while learning strategies to overcome distress caused by the stigma surrounding minor attractions and reduce the risk of acting on their attractions. Be aware that they focus heavily on preventing sexual offenses, which can be counterproductive for some MAPs.

Troubled Desire logo, the words troubled desire in all capital letters in black font against a white background with several parts of various letters missing.

A set of educational modules for learning more about and managing your attractions.

Help Wanted logo, the letters h and w in large font above the words "help wanted," where the h, the w, and the word "help" are all in bold.

Primarily for young MAPs

Interactive course designed to help you learn about living with an attraction to minors.