Therapy for MAPs

Information and resources related to professional support for MAPs

Therapy can be a great option for minor-attracted people (MAPs) who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, behavioral concerns, severe self-hatred, or other mental health issues. Our list of therapy resources has everything you need to fully understand your treatment options and ensure your safety while seeking professional support.

Need to make sure a therapist is safe before coming out to them?

Are you a therapist who wants to support minor-attracted people?

Seeking Therapy

Selecting a Therapist

If you want professional support but are worried about safety, our Guide to Selecting a Therapist is for you. Use our step-by-step process to identify and evaluate therapists who meet your unique mental health needs.

Therapy Finder

Already a safety pro? Find the support you need quickly by using our complete list of therapy resources. Make an appointment with confidence knowing all listed resources are held to our high safety standards.

Affording Therapy

Prostasia Foundation Therapy Fund

Financial barriers are a common obstacle to mental health support. This fund aims to address that by covering the cost of your initial consultation, making it easy for you to start getting the support you want.