Research on MAPs

The latest scientific knowledge on MAPs and minor attractions

Looking for reliable information about minor-attracted people? Start with a trusted body of reputable research. We collect several resources to help you do this, including our work to compile and summarize academic works for a larger audience. All resources are evaluated for quality, and we update our content regularly to ensure accuracy.

On the Blog

The latest research and answers about MAPs

The MAP Resources Blog contains in-depth explorations of the research surrounding a number of MAP-related topics, including stigma, mental health, paraphilias, and much more. Blog posts containing research are separated into two (overlapping) categories:


To ensure your continued access to reliable information about minor-attracted people, we have archived a few sections of our old Research Summary containing information that has not yet been replicated on the MAP Resources Blog. Once posts containing this information are present on the blog, we will delete the archived page.


Tools to promote accuracy and reliability

MAP Facts

Quickly find statistics and facts about MAPs and minor attractions. This page is perfect if you are looking to disprove a common myth, want to find short tidbits for a tweet or infographic, or are searching for a citation.


Found a word you don't know on our website? Want to learn more about the terminology used by MAPs and researchers who study them? This page has definitions for MAP-related terms based on their use in research.


Need a more visual way to quickly share important information? Check out our infographics, which put bite-sized pieces of information about several MAP-related categories into an easy-to-understand format.

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Other Sources

Compilations of existing research and data

B4U-ACT's Summary

Not consistently updated, may be outdated

Compiled by therapists, researchers, and MAPs, the information contained here discredits several common misleading claims about MAPs while still providing something new for everyone and citing sources.

Prostasia Foundation's Library

Not consistently updated, may be outdated

This list of studies is a glimpse into the extensive existing research about MAPs and minor attractions. Note that this is only a subsection of a larger collection focused on child protection and abuse prevention.

MAP Wiki

This wiki-style collection of information compiled by MAP activists has everything from common definitions to insight into the social aspects of MAP activism and details about the MAP community's storied history.

If you can't access a paper, you can email the researcher or enter the DOI on Anna's Archive.

Researchers who are interested in studying MAPs can learn more on our Researchers page.