Advice and support for those conducting research on MAPs

Free Study Review

Our study review process is not a substitute for the use of an institutional review board to identify ethical issues.

MAP Resources will review draft surveys and preprints at no charge for researchers or institutions seeking to improve the quality of life and availability of support for minor-attracted people. Reviews include the following:

To submit a study for review, reach out using the contact information on our About page with details about your MAP-related research and its goals. Study reviews are provided at our discretion and are dependent on staff availability.

Develop Studies

Numerous MAP-friendly organizations are willing to provide a variety of services to researchers, including collaboration on study development and even support for acquiring funding. These direct partnerships may help you bypass some of the constraints caused by pervasive societal stigma and widespread misinformation surrounding these topics.


Must be centered on MAP wellbeing

Nonprofit focused on the relationships between MAPs and professional allies

Services offered


Before partnering with B4U-ACT, you must agree to follow their Research Ethos


If you are interested in partnering with B4U-ACT, you can learn more here.

To apply, email and provide the following information:

Prostasia Foundation

Must have child protection applications

Sex-positive child protection group with an evidence-based approach

Services offered


If you are interested in partnering with Prostasia, you can learn more and apply here.

Involving MAPs in the research process can lead to more effective studies

Get Respondents

There are several organizations dedicated to supporting minor-attracted people that use their platform to increase the reach of surveys seeking MAP respondents. Several are listed below, along with instructions on how to submit your study and information on what needs to be included. Be aware that submissions may be subject to a review.

MAP Support Club

Anti-contact only

Support group with 300+ members

To inquire, email Emails should contain the following:

Virtuous Pedophiles

Anti-contact only

Support group with 7000+ members

To avoid "low response rates because of too many requests", Virtuous Pedophiles only allows certain categories of researchers to post research participation opportunities on their platform. You can learn more here.

To inquire, email and cc your academic supervisor. Emails should include an introductory paragraph containing the following:

Open MAP Community

Support group with 100+ members

To inquire, email Emails may include the following:


Decentralized social media platform

Due to its decentralized nature, Mastodon is popular among members of stigmatized groups. There are several MAP-centered servers with open registration, including Posts on either one are visible to members of both, however, users are more likely to see posts on their own server.

Some considerations:

Looking for a group of minor-attracted people that's not covered by the options above? We can help you find them! Reach out using the contact information on our About page.

You can find additional recruiting opportunities on our Support Groups page.

Stay Updated

Research on minor-attracted people is a rapidly-evolving field, and it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest advances. There are a variety of resources and programs designed to help you and your colleagues stay up-to-date so you can ensure your own work accounts for new findings. These are the ones that we believe will be most beneficial.

B4QR logo, the characters b 4 q and r in silver font underlined with a silver gradient set against a blue background.

B4QR summarizes and critiques the latest research on MAPs and minor attractions. The reviews are written by a group of academics and minor-attracted people.

B4U-ACT logo, the characters B 4 U dash A C T in capital silver letters are set against a blue rectangle. Below, a silver lip contains the phrase "Living in Truth and Dignity".

B4U-ACT's email group is the foundation of a network of experts who study MAPs. They share updates on the latest research and provide networking opportunities.

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Protect Yourself

Unfortunately, due to the stigma surrounding minor attractions, researchers who openly support MAPs or advocate for them to have access to improved support are at risk of experiencing targeted harassment. This can take a variety of forms, but at worst, it can lead to private info being exposed and friends, family members, and careers being impacted.

Prostasia Foundation logo, a hand holding a tree trunk like a torch, while green leaves fan out at the top.

The Prostasia Foundation maintains a guide to help individuals in the field of child protection minimize the risk of online harassment and respond effectively when it occurs. They also provide tips on ensuring your personal information remains private.