CSA Survivors

Support and resources for MAPs who experienced child sexual abuse

The conflation of minor-attracted people (MAPs) with child sexual abusers prevents MAPs who have experienced child sexual abuse (CSA) from receiving support, as they are often viewed as abusers and denied access to resources for survivors. MAP Resources believes everyone deserves support, and we strive to combat this unjust exclusion by listing resources that are available to all survivors.

MAP Resources cannot vouch for all of these organizations' stances regarding minor-attracted people. We encourage MAPs to exercise caution when engaging with them.


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Survivor Expressions

Prostasia Foundation

A sex-positive and MAP-friendly space for survivors to discuss their experiences their experiences openly, educate people about abuse, and help other survivors feel less alone.


Caution: Unrestricted! Podcast

The HEAL Project

A vodcast that pushes the boundaries of sexual stigma to amplify survivors' voices. MAP survivors may like their first season, which focuses on survivors who don't fit stereotypes.

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CSA Survivors Channel

MAP Support Club

A private (but moderated) space for MAP CSA survivors to open up about their experiences. It is available upon request to members who pass MAP Support Club's screening process.

Survivor's Corner

Prostasia Foundation

A private section of a forum where survivors can talk openly about their experiences.Β  Members can request to join via a DM to moderators once they sign up for the forum.


Land, Healing & Liberation Project

Ahimsa Collective

A plot of land where people who are struggling with trauma can go to heal, away from the stressors of modern everyday life. It is open to survivors and various marginalized groups.

Therapy Resources

MAP Resources

Some therapists who offer their services to MAPs also have experience working with CSA survivors. Be sure to ask about your specific treatment needs whenever you vet a therapist.


CSAM Self-Removal

Take It Down

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

If a specific image of you is being shared online (especially on these websites), you can use this tool to help companies find and remove it and stop it from being posted again in the future.

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Standard Reporting

MAP Resources

If there are one or more specific websites where explicit images of you are being shared, you can report the images directly to the websites where they are being shared.

Only report content you already know about. Searching for new content may be illegal.