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Essential resources for those experiencing unwanted attractions

If you need immediate support, visit our homepage for crisis resources. That's also where you can find our full resources list.

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Support Groups

Virtuous Pedophiles logo, a stoplight with the red light turned on and letters to the sides spelling out VIRPED

Virtuous Pedophiles

Peer support group

Founded in 2012, VirPed is a space where adult pedophiles can discuss their experiences and seek support. It contains forums on various topics, including research, news, and humor. As of 2022, the group has over 7000 members. It is popular among people who are significantly distressed by their attractions.

MAP Support Club logo, a heart with the left half red and the right half blue set against a white circle.

MAP Support Club

Peer support group

Intended to address the lack of support for young pedophiles, MSC boasts over 500 members (as of 2022) and a groundbreaking partnership with the Prostasia Foundation, a child protection organization. The chat is organized like a Discord server, containing dozens of channels focused on different topics.


We recommend reading our Therapy page before seeking professional support.

ASAP International

Therapist database

The Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention works to improve access to professional mental health support for pedophiles. The organization hosts annual workshops to help therapists learn about treating pedophiles. They also maintain a database of mental health professionals who are willing to work with clients who experience attractions to minors.

B4U-ACT logo, the characters B 4 U A C T set against a faded blue background.


Therapist database

Since 2003, B4U-ACT has worked to foster connections between pedophiles, therapists, and researchers. The non-profit works closely with experts in the fields of mental health and child protection to summarize and review new and existing research on pedophiles and their attractions. They also maintain a list of safe therapists practicing in the United States. 

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